Some clouds of dust on the horizon, slowly heading your direction… It turns out to be a squad of Roman cavalryman, fully armed, shiny armour and a highly decorated horse. The approaching horsemen wear silver mask, blinking in the sun, their faces covered, only showing their eyes: spectacular, yet terrifying. Stichting ALA! recreates these cavalryman from ages gone by.

Our show
In our regular show, our fully equipped cavalryman will show their skills at arms on horseback. Equipment and tactics will be shown and explained, both in single file as well as operating in the group. This way, all equipment and the tactical advantage of the cavalry within the Roman army will be explained to the public. Edutainment at the max: a spectacular and educational show during your event that will have your guest talk about for some time.
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Our equipment
Stichting ALA! can bring together up to 6 cavalryman. All our equipment is based upon the archeological recordsĀ  and well researched. Our impressions do focus mainly on the Batavian auxilia cavalry, but do also include augustean and late Roman impression. Most impressive is our late Roman clibinarius kit, incorporating a recreation of the Dura Europos (Syria) horse scale armour. To learn more about our equipment, see research.